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Redeemed a groupon in Australia for travel to nepal by SNJ Travel Point for five nights. The guides used were excellent however the staff from SNJ Travel Point were dishonest. They put us up in a Hotel which was a much lower star than that mentioned in the itinerary e mailed to us. The agent rep stated that she told us which was a lie and then said she would check with management to transfer us. We were put on a public bus used by locals and backpackers on our travel to Pokhara and only on our return after asking for a tourist bus with Air Conidtioning and boy did we feel the difference. Definitely not a luxurious trip as statedon the deal. The rep in told us directly that cutting costs were key. At no point did we receive an apology.

SNJ Travel Point uses Groupon to promote discount deals but then recoups discounts by downgrading hotels and transport. BEWARE. Purchased airline tickets on their website and them realised that the credit card payment was not accepted on their side. Theie response when we called them up was that credit card problem and now the price has changed which was more expensive. strange enough credit card worked this time.

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And I bought an 11 day deal from them through Travel Zoo.I had a completely terrible experience as well.

They did the local bus thing to us as well, not a tourist bus. They forgot to book our hotel rooms, so some ppl on the tour wound up with no running water in their rooms. Our trekking guide was unprofessional and hitting on my friend the whole trek. They put us through a 6 day trek (ghorepani/gandruk) in 3 days- so we were trekking 10 hours a day and past dark.

Our guide barely spoke English. They tried to fight with us about meals and massages that were suppose to be included, yet they didn't want to provide. The list just goes on.

Save yourself some stress, and do not buy anything from them.Oh, and judging from the great use of English language above, I assume the "I had a great time!" Post above is from someone at SNJ....

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I bought the same deal and I find that SNJ Travel Point provided excellent service. They let us know about the hotels clearly prior to departure from Australia and it was great.

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